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Q: Are masks required?

A: Since the city of Morristown has lifted its mask mandate, we do not require masks. Students are absolutely allowed to wear masks if they feel so inclined, however we do not recommend wearing masks during class. 

Q: How do I know what level my dancer is in?

A: Class levels are, for the most part, broken up by grades. Early, Creative, and Beginning MVMT are geared toward Pre-K and early elementary ages (2-6), Level I classes are suitable for grades 3-5, Level II classes are suitable for grades 6-8, and Level III classes are suitable for grades 9 an up. Once classes begin, teachers may determine that a student needs to move up or down based on ability.{We do, however, prefer to keep students of similar ages in class together to promote community and cohesion.}

Students may spend 1-4 seasons in a particular level. Moving up a level is completely to the discretion of the instructor. We understand that students want to progress quickly, but our main objective is for students to be proficient in their technique before moving up.

If you are still unsure of where your dancer should be, feel free to contact us.

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